About Us

We are a newly established Distribution Centre company. High-quality service enables our company to develop rapidly. We provide product support for all milk tea industries. Here you can buy all the products you need. The products we have are at the top of the industry. Since our products are from Taiwan, when you buy and use our products, you will be given the most traditional Taiwanese milk tea experience. Our products include various types of milk tea powder, jelly, and tea with Taiwanese characteristics. There are also a series of peripheral products, such as automatic sealing machines, tea making machines, etc..


We have a brand-new storage warehouse with a complete management system. Commodities can be preserved to the greatest extent. While guaranteeing high-quality goods, our quality service allows you to feel a better shopping experience. Some of our products can be customized according to the requirements of customers. If necessary, you can go to the our store for consultation or send us enquiry by email / phone.